Professional Removal and Remediation in Milford

Expert Mold Remediation

When mold is found or suspected in your home or business, we’ll be there to address and fix the problem quickly and safely.

Why does mold need to be removed?

Mold needs to be removed from homes and businesses because it can lead to health problems for people living or working in mold-contaminated environments — particularly for those with allergies or asthma.

Mold can also be a sign of a larger problem within a home or business (such as a leak) since mold thrives in damp conditions. In rare cases, mold can even lead to structural problems in buildings.

These varied reasons are why we, and other experts in the construction industry, always encourage homeowners and other property owners to remove mold as soon as it’s detected.

How Does Mold Remediation Work?

When you have an unexpected mold problem, our team can navigate you through the situation with our mold remediation services. And, because we know mold is not a situation to be taken lightly, we work efficiently and safely for the sake of everyone involved.

To make this happen for your home or business, we’ve incorporated the following elements into our mold remediation process.


Before any mold removal work or restoration processes can begin, the mold presence needs to be inspected. Our team, equipped with the proper safety equipment, can assess the location of the mold, where (or if) it has spread, and if it has caused any damage.

From this process, containment work can begin, and our team can determine the scope of work your home or commercial property needs.


Because mold can very quickly and easily spread in indoor environments, containment is essential. The areas with mold must be carefully sealed off from uncontaminated areas to limit the spread. After inspection, our team will work quickly to ensure proper containment.

Since mold thrives in wet or moist areas, containing mold requires our team to repair any water or moisture sources and remove excess moisture from the environment, including in the air.


Once our team has properly sealed and contained mold-affected areas, they begin the removal and clean up of the mold.

Our team, using appropriate protective gear, is equipped with specialized equipment and disinfectants to eliminate mold and mold spores — including eliminating mold and spores from hard-to-clean surfaces.

Final Inspection

Before we consider this service complete, we perform a final inspection. We do this to ensure our team has fully and completely removed any and every sign of mold from your home or business. We want to be sure your home and business are healthy and safe environments.

If You Suspect You Have Mold, Don’t Delay—Call Us Today

Since mold can have negative health impacts and impair the structural integrity of buildings, it’s best to get the concern addressed quickly.

When you find mold in your home or business, we can help you safely remove it. get in touch with us today for help.