About us

Who We Are

We’re professional. We’re friendly. We’re your neighbors. But most importantly, we’re helpers in your time of need.

When disaster strikes, we need to be able to lean on our neighbors and community to help us navigate the situation. Our goal and what we are working to fulfill every day is to be those neighbors to those that need it.

Here at All Dry Services of Brighton and Ann Arbor, we believe that by conducting our business rooted in our strong values, we can remove some of the anxiety and stress that people afflicted by disasters in their homes experience.

When a disaster, accident, or the unexpected leaves your home or business in disarray, you can turn to us for reassurance. We know the next right steps and interventions to take in restoring your home or commercial property because, for us, expecting the unexpected is our profession.

You can trust that your home, business, and peace of mind are in trustworthy and capable hands with All Dry Services of Brighton and Ann Arbor.

We bring you reassurance and guidance when the unexpected happens to you.

Our Qualifications

We can talk the talk all we want about being there to help you restore, clean up, and rebuild after a disaster, accident, or the unexpected, but we still need to have the knowledge, qualifications, certifications, and skill set to make that happen.

To ensure we can be there for you, we’ve crafted a team of people and technicians who are highly trained, experienced, and capable to do the work.

We’re also fully licensed and insured to expertly do what we do — from mold removal to flood clean-up and restoration.

We’re not just here for you when you need restoration services; we’re qualified to be here for you when you need them.

Why We Do What We Do

We’re Tory and Alisa Williams, the owners of this region’s All Dry Services. For us, business is personal. We know that the work we do doesn’t just affect us; it affects our family and community, too.

We embarked on the journey of bringing All Dry Services to the Brighton and Ann Arbor region in an endeavor to invest in our community in a meaningful way — as the helpers and support you need when a disaster or accident happens.

As parents, we wanted to model living and breathing your values to our children. We wanted them to see that our actions have a ripple effect in every aspect of our lives and that when we act with integrity, efficiency, and a servant heart, we can amplify these things in more than just our own lives.

When your business has been hit by the unexpected, we’re here to help. Call us at (734) 780-9644 to get your restoration project underway.