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Friendly & Professional Restoration Services

We’re Here For You When Disaster Strikes

When a disaster, accident, or the unexpected harms your home or business, you can turn to our team for relief as soon as you need it. We’re qualified and trained with the right next steps; because for us, expecting the unexpected is what we do.

Water Damage Restoration

When water finds its way into your home or commercial property, causing damage, we can help. We can intervene by removing water and restoring your space to its former glory.

Mold Remediation

If you’ve discovered mold, we’re here to help you through it. We can safely and expertly remove and treat the problem, restoring your space to safe and healthy conditions.

Has Your Home or Business Been Harmed by the Unexpected? We Can Help.
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How can we help ?

Water Damage Restoration

When flash floods, unexpected leaks, or plumbing overflows cause damage to your home or business, we’ll be there. We’ll take all the necessary steps to repair and restore the damage.

Mold Remediation

When mold is found or suspected in your home or business, we’ll be there to address and fix the problem safely.

Residential Services

When your home has been harmed by the unexpected, we’re your reliable and experienced team of professionals to restore it for you.

Commercial Services

When your business is jeopardized by a disaster or accident, we’re your expert team to restore your building to working order.

What Our Clients  Have To Say

“This was my second attempt to have a company clean up from a sewer backup I had after the big storm a few weeks ago. The first company went AWOL. I chose this company because they detailed everything they did on their website and estimate. Troy was very communicative and pleasant to work with. The workers who came to do the cleanup were communicative, prompt, and polite. I noticed some inconsistencies on their invoice and they cleared it up right away. Will use again, but I hope I don’t have to!”
– Alexis Z

“I highly recommend All Dry service to handle any water cleanup in your home. I called after hours on the weekend and within an hour someone was at my home cleaning up 40 gallons of water in my finished basement. The service provided was beyond my expectations, especially the communication, explaining everything step by step. Matt stayed in contact even while he was out sick making sure someone was checking on the issue daily until my basement was completely dry & smell free of any damp odor. Thank you to Troy who covered for Matt on a Sunday morning, Matt for being professional & friendly & the guys that assisted worked hard & was professional as well”

- Tina Jones

I absolutely loved working with All Dry of Ann Arbor and Brighton! My job was extremely difficult and complicated with white mold and dirt on everything in the basement, including the rafters. The technicians were very kind and comforting. They were sure that they could help me, and they certainly did! My basement is clean and disinfected. I highly recommend this company and would not hesitate to call them again. They were easy to contact, and the work was definitely done to my satisfaction and in a timely manner. Five stars from me!
– Myrna Williams

I am a local real estate agent that had a listing and a moderate amount of mold was discovered in the attic at the home inspection. Knowing that we were under a deadline, All Dry came out right away, remediated the mold at a reasonable price and their customer service was top notch. I will definately use them again for any other of my clients that need help. Thank you!

– Bryan Gutierrez


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